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History of 37Bracelet

At 37, we create with purpose. Some of our products are composed of topics like friendship, love and adventure, to inspire an authentic connection between us and help us realize we are not alone in our journey. Some are thoughtfully including the unexpected challenges of loss, hurt and heartache. We believe that it’s important to gain strength to move through our pain.

Openable Sunflower Necklace

You Are My Sunshine

''A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and I cannot live without you.''

This necklace is engraved with ''you are my sunshine'', normally it shows as a sunflower, but when you open this necklace you will see that ''you are my sunshine''. As the warmest message from the loved one. 

Mama Bear Bracelet

Mama Bear

''You're the best mama bear in the world.''

Once you become a mother, you understand why always said mama bear. When we met something bad, mothers always stand up and protect us first. Thie bracelet is designed with mama bear and little bear to show the love for mom.

Inspiring Crown Bracelet

Straighten Your Crown

''Whenever you feel overwhelmed, always remember that I am always with you.''

This is a bracelet engraved with ''Whenever you feel overwhelmed...remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown''. It's a perfect gift to give strength to someone who is in struggle now.

Infinity Heart Bracelet

Infinity Love

''You are more than just a daughter-in-law, you are also my daughter-in-heart.''

This is a bracelet for daughter-in-law, the pendant is designed in the shape of an infinity and a heart, which means the love will never end. Expressing the deep love for daughter-in-law. 

Raw Stone Ring

Rough Raw Birthstone

''celebrates the people and moments in life you treasure the most.''

Personalized with 1-8 raw stones, every stone is hand-picked and every ring is handcrafted by love. It's the most unique gift for mom or grandma.